(Experimental Short - Written, Produced)

A young woman sees a movie that forces her to re-evaluate her past, where she looks back on a physical assault with new eyes.


(Horror Comedy Short - Written, Produced)

Three women come across a corpse in a field on their way to a friend’s birthday party.


(Horror Comedy Short - Written)

A woman’s boyfriend is late to pick her up, yet again, and she starts to worry he’s dead.


Grammy Awards Party

(1 Hour Adult Horror Comedy - Treatment Written, Coming Soon)

In a post-apocalyptic world where everyone has turned to cannibalism, a wedding guitarist must transport a famous popstar- her former college bandmate- across the country.

Grandma’s House

(Half Hour Adult Horror Comedy - Coming Soon)

After her parents die in a “freak” accident, college dropout Addy moves in with her estranged grandmother, who works for Satan Himself.

Just Another Teen Supernatural Soap

(1 Hour Horror Dramedy / Satire - Pilot Written, Coming Soon)

Jay and her mother move to Shallow Falls, a strange town with inhabitants that all look the same, and get pulled into a centuries-long battle between warring vampire tribes fighting over territory.



(Horror Comedy - Treatment Written, Coming Soon)

Log Line: It’s hard to find a Walgreens in the apocalypse.

A doomsday prepper learns she isn’t prepared for the zombie apocalypse at all- she doesn’t have her meds and the only survivor in her neighborhood is her former high school bully.

© 2021 Genna Edwards

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