About Me

I’m a writer and filmmaker particularly interested in helping create honest stories about women and their lives. I’ve been telling little tales since I was a kid, recording on a Flip Video camcorder and making sets out of cardboard and paint. I believe media is one of the best ways to bring people together, and I love working in all stages of production to bring “movie magic” to life.

My primary genre is comedic/horror. I’ve written feature-length projects as well as shorts, constantly honing my production skills while challenging myself in the world of writing. I’m an aspiring screenwriter who works in production by day, whether that be assisting, running sound, or editing.

Enthusiastic and driven, I’ve assisted on web series, music videos, short films, advertisements, live broadcasts, television, and features supporting the Director, Sound Department, and Editing Department.

© 2021 Genna Edwards

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