An alternative contraceptive procedure tests the relationship between a wellness influencer and her skeptical best friend.


When women’s wellness influencer Abby Liu (@AbbySoFabulous) gets an IUD to appease her condom-hating boo Brian, strange symptoms hit. Her best friend Kayla (@Nobody) anticipated as much and argued against the entire thing- but she didn’t anticipate the device possessing Abby, turning her into a demon bent on bloodlust. 

As Abby’s cravings worsen, along with her and Kayla’s ability to discuss the reality of the situation, Abby’s demon makes a cannibalistic choice.

Let’s Get Personal

The idea for Brian came from my own harrowing experience with a Mirena IUD, as well as countless horror stories I’ve heard from friends, family, and lovers over the years. I personally passed out upon insertion and experienced the worst physical pain of my life while the device was inside me, leading me to get it removed, where I passed out again. Nobody should have to live with this pain and trauma just to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy.

With the dissolution of Roe v. Wade, more and more women are going to rely upon alternative contraceptive measures in a world where less and less men wear condoms or have interest in bearing even the slightest contraceptive burden (yet they still want sexual access . . . how curious)!


Brian Won’t Wear Condoms aims to spark a conversation about male sexual entitlement, women’s contraceptives and how our bodies, experiences, and lives are undervalued to serve male interests under USA’s post Roe v Wade patriarchy.

This story is also about having to watch the women you love, again and again, make terrifying choices to please the men in their lives.

We’re Fundraising!

With a goal of $10k, we’re aiming to wrap fundraising by May for an early summer production. Funds will be allocated to paying cast and crew, locations and hearty SFX, with a chunk set aside for post production.

We’re aiming for an all-female crew from pre-production through post. If you have an interest in stories by and about queer women, please shoot us some love!

We’re accepting donations, fiscal sponsorships and equity through Carmilla Productions LLC, the NYC-based production company heading this film.


To donate, sponsor or otherwise support the film, please email carmillaproductions@gmail.com or text (608) 345 9641. Follow Carmilla Productions for all updates!

© 2021 Genna Edwards

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